ANGEL Caller Long Thin Chain





Italian .925 Sterling Silver
Bead Chain with Logo Tag & Lobster Clasp
0.08 inches / 2mm Thickness
35.43 inches / 90cm Length

An ANGEL CALLER is an Italian .925 Sterling Silver sphere containing a brass musical mechanism that emits a subtle harmonious chime when shaken.


The long tradition of the ANGEL CALLER spans through millennia, appearing in cultures from Indonesia, Italy and Ireland to Mexico. Legend tells of the uniqueness of the ANGEL CALLER as a tool to commune with the divine. It is said that each ANGEL CALLER has its own sound, predestined to harmonize with its owner, allowing them to get in touch with their guardian angel.

Until today, in Italy, a silver ANGEL CALLER is given to loved-ones for divine protection. It is a tradition to gift them to expecting mothers to safeguard both the baby and the mother. When the baby is born, the ANGEL CALLER is hung close to the crib for the calming effect of the subtle sounds of the chimes.

Each ANGEL CALLER is handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver, in Italy, by the keepers of the art of this long held tradition. With an internal brass chime mechanism, an ANGEL CALLER is bound to soothe the soul and raise the spirit.