• WARHOL vs GARTEL HYP POP by LuCCA Center Contemporary Art


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    WARHOL vs GARTEL. HYP POP, Laurence Gartel 
    In collaboration with:

    SPIRALE D'IDEE | ARTELITE | EF Arte | MVIVA srl | MetaMorfosi Associazione Culturale
    With the support of:
    Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca | Fondazione BML | Gesam Gas & Luce

    Andy Warhol and Laurence Gartel are two of those select artists who were born to make and remain a part of history, raised to change the cultural and social equilibrium of a place at a particular historical moment. Gartel revealed the secrets of the Commodore Amiga to Warhol, and the two were immediately in tune, with masses of points in common between them.

    The exhibition “Warhol vs Gartel. Hyp Pop” compares two artists who, albeit in different ways, including in relation to their respective historical moments, understood that it was no longer possible to interpret everyday reality, that it was impossible to innovate in the world of art using traditional methods and that a creative artist and man of his own time could not distance certain market forms from everyday life. There was no need to create ex-novo when everything already existed in and around the social and industrial spheres: it would have been enough to celebrate the figures and objects projecting them from the world of the invisible onto that of the visible. Their mission thrilled in re-presenting the ready-made, most of the time recognizable, in such a way that it could be used differently thanks to a bit of conceptual and artistic shrewdness.